Nekton Global Commodities is the sister company of Nekton Capital Group, and invest and holds an association in a mine of Iron Ore concession in South America, Peru, in the desert of Paracas. We also hold a majority shareholder interest in an African Gold concession in Sierra Leone, Africa. We focused our investment strategy in small producing mining fields and concessions that generate high return with a low-risk exposure. The month-to-month investment decision process allowed us to constantly evaluate all the investment factor’s decisions, limiting our exposure to market volatility.

Our Iron Ore mining operation is in Peru, Paracas, approximately 260 kilometers south of the capital city of Lima. With an area of 300 hectares and Reserves of 360 million tons Iron Ore, we hold one of the largest Iron Ore Reserves in Peru. Our mine concession in Sierra Leone extends over an area of more than 100 hectares and has gold reserves of over 100 tons.

Nekton’s third-party investments are delivered and mange for safekeeping, transparency and surveillance by the Law Firm of Mesa & Associates. The Law Firm approves the drawdowns for production of batches of metal and receives all the payments from the sale of all the Cargos produced in the mines, in order to assure to our investors a secure, accurate, supervised and efficient management of ther investments.

Board & Management

Chairman of the Board:
Gerard Lopez

Gerard graduated from Miami University in integrated traffic management systems and in operational management. At age 22, he began managing Icon Solutions, a pioneer society in internet development.

Mr. Lopez founded Mangrove Capital Partners, a Luxembourg-based leading venture capital company who became the first investors in Skype before selling its share to Ebay in 2005 for 2.6 billion dollars.

Mr. Lopez one of the first investors in WIX, sits on the board of Directors of WIX ( a company with a market cap of 5.85 Billion dollars.

In 2015, he founded Nekton, an investment company and brokerage in energy field, active in South America, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe developing later on to Nekton Capital Group (NCG) a capital investment company focused in the energy market.

Mr. Lopez owns 50% of Rise Capital (Sweden) through Nekton and is currently its chairman, he also owns 40% of ICARE Group (Switzerland) an EPC company also involved in energy, especially crude oil refineries and facilities.

Since 2015 Mr. Lopez has structured, through a strategic alliance with Mr. Francisco Farias, Oilco Group, LTD from Malta, a trading platform of crude oil and crude oil products of over $2 Billion dollars transactions since, in alliance with the largest energy trading companies in the world.

Mr. Lopez bought, in 2009, out the Formula 1 Lotus F1 Team making Genii Capital the majority owner of the team, Microsoft, Unilever and Coca-Cola soon became team partners, Mr. Lopez has already sold the F1 Lotus Team but still sits as Director in the Renault F1 Team.

Since 2007, Mr. Lopez has been the President of the CS Fola Esch, the football club in which he used to play as a teenager.
Co-founder and chairman of Nekton Capital Group and Nekton Global Commodities.

Mr. Lopez acquire in 2016 the Lille OSC football club, as the majority owner of the French Ligue 1 club and successfully sold it to Merlyn Partners in December 2020, Lille was sold on December 2021 and the Bordeaux Soccer Team of France was acquire in June 2021.

Gerard Lopez’s is a shareholder in Lydian Group, which is pushing the creation of a first $400m fund with Crosstower, which has just acquired Bequant.

The Lydian Group announced that it would be helping to launch the “first ESG Crypto Fund” with the help of US-regulated Crosstower.

Gerard, also Founded by capital markets veterans, CrossTower is backed by Gerard Lopez, a world-renowned entrepreneur and one of Europe’s top tech investors, announced the completion of a $6 million seed funding round led by Gerard Lopez. CrossTower has reached an agreement to acquire BEQUANT, a prime brokerage and digital asset exchange in a move expected to strengthen its institutional market presence with 600 professional clients generating over $400 billion of yearly turnover with more than a dozen exchanges connected to its platform.

“My Passion is Cars”. Gerard Lopez.

Gerard owns a prolific collection of luxury cars consisting of more than 300 vehicles. Some estimates suggest the collection is worth over $200 million. He is a man with impeccable sense when it comes to cars and is a true auto enthusiast. His collection includes the likes of Vintage muscles, hot rods, classic Porsche, Bugatti and many more.


President, & CEO: Francisco Farias

Lawyer, prior to becoming President and CEO of Nekton Capital Group, Mr. Farias introduced over $7 billion of energy and financial deals worth over the past 10 years throughout crude oil transactions for the world’s largest crude oil trading companies and refineries to Nekton Group in association with Gerard Lopez.

Mr. Farias bought Partners Financial Group, for the amount of 1.6 million dollars, a Full-Service Securities Broker Dealer in Florida, USA, managing over 2 billion dollars in assets under management, with 50+ employees and offices throughout Latin-American.

Partners Financial Group became part of First Mutual Planning, when Mr. Farias became the majority shareholder of First Mutual Planning, managing over 2.3 billion dollars and in association with Alliance Fund, Scudder and others international funds and financial institutions, restructuring debt and financing energy projects. Company was sold in 2014 for $3.6 MM.

Mr. Farias was Introducer Broker of Deutsch Bank for over 10 years, handling and closing an array of oil and gas deals, as well as financial transactions, finicing and re-financing for the enhancement and development of Crude Oil Refineries around the world for over $4 billion.

Shareholder and founder of Oilco Group LTD an energy trading company.

Mr. Farias is also the Founder and principal sponsor of Children’s Hope international Fund, a nonprofit foundation to help the starving children of the world.