We Deliver Custom Investing Strategies

Nekton Investment Objective

Nekton, LTD is a mining investing and operating company, with its holding company registered in London, United Kingdom and a subsidiary in the United States. We cover South America and Africa mining, focused on investing in small producing mining fields and concessions that generate high return with a low-risk exposure. The month-to-month investment decision process allowed us to constantly evaluate all the investment factor’s decisions, limiting our exposure to market’s volatility.

Our professionals team with years of experience and wide network relationships, made up of legal, technical and financial experts, deliver seamless results and execution from our operations team in the United States and South America with support from our head office in London, UK. allowing us to find excellent opportunities with considerable upside and low risk.

Our Iron Ore mining operation is located in Perú, Paracas, approximately 260 kilometers south of the capital city of Lima. With an area of 300 hectares and Reserves of 360 million tons Iron Ore, we hold one of the largest Iron Ore Reserves in Perú.


Average Annual Total Returns¹ Monthly (as of 01/30/2022) Quarterly (as of 01/30/2022)
1 Year 35.79% 35.08%
3 Year 35.46% 35.29%
5 Year 35.23% 35.61%
Since (01/01/2018) 35.23% 35.61%

Investments can be made for a period of six (6) months or for a period of twelve (12) months. Maximun investment period is twelve (12) months, no extension possible.

Return over investment is paid at the end of each period.

Taxes are responsability of each investor. Nekton does not retain taxes.

Macroeconomic Factors:

– Economic growth: Exposure to the business cycles.
– Real rates: the risk of interest-rate movements.
– Inflation: Exposure to changes in prices.
– Credit: Default risk, no company’s lending.
– Emerging markets: Political and sovereign risks.
– Liquidity: Holding illiquid assets


Style factors:

– Value: Solid assets relative to their fundamentals, minerals (iron Ore and gold).
– Minimum volatility: Stable, lower-risk investments.
– Momentum: Investments with a clear profit to capture.
– Quality: Financially stable and healthy transactions.
– Size: Smaller, high-growth mining production opportunities.


All investments are subject to market risk, including possible loss of principal. Investments can decline for many reasons, including adverse political or economic developments here or abroad, changes in investor psychology, or heavy institutional positions as well as a response to rising interest rates. Foreign investments are subject to potentially greater volatility, less liquidity, and the possibility that foreign currencies will decline against the dollar.